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Written by Adrienne Schenfele
BDA 2011

If you have a moment please read the following.

If you are looking for a Gorgeous Pit Bull with Well Mannered Foundations for its’ Temperament you have found just the right line breeding stock! To include the support of a Nation Wide Family to share the good things and network to work on any problems or obstacles that may arise with owning your BDA pup into adulthood.

BDAK started with just a few dogs in 2004 and grew fast and furious drawing attention from Pit Bull lovers all over the globe. Blue Dragon Alaska Kennels developed a demand for their dogs faster then they could keep up with. A dedicated kennel was built but never completed. Additional assistance was brought in but was never truly reliable.

What I learned about the life of a kennel dog is it is a very lonely one.

Over trial and error what I learned was no matter how much time I tried to give what became 30 dogs and multiple litters at the kennel the dogs simply lost out on perpetual love and affection. All the work done on training and boundaries could never be kept consistent. And people tending to the dogs become overwhelmed and begin to neglect everything from health standards to the absolute need of human touch and interaction with every dog.

BDAK has retired many of the original breeding crew and several have been placed in foster homes.

Today BDA is all about continuing this exceptional line while hopefully inspiring a new design to all types of domestic breeding kennels.

I have now experienced breeding two types of dogs in my life time. And I would like to see the breeders take some responsibility for the pets they are populating the planet with. I have grown up adopting my cats and the first dogs in my life from the Animal Shelter. I buy supplies from the SPCA and I truly believe that if you have no intent to breed your pet – get your pet fixed. Accidental pregnancies happen all the time. GET YOU PETS FIXED IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BREED THEM. (Dogs/Cats of all)

So, how can I take some responsibility as a breeder for the dogs, pit bulls, that I am sending and multiplying into our already pet over populated and pet abused society? Well, the reason for breeding is to establish an exceptional line that owners could trust comes from a stable pedigree tree. And now how can we maintain that stable offspring and how can we help new owners learn how to be responsible and happy pet owners? My solution is to set up a mutual supportive community that takes care of each other and takes care of all of these dogs in a sense, like a family. This website is for the BDA world to build and grow to provide educational, supportive, family bonding resources. If you can’t keep a BDA dog the community will be here to help find a home. If you have a pet you cant control the community is here to help you figure out how to handle your dog. And if you are being profiled and rejected because of your pit bull the community is here to help you find solutions. Friends, Family, Networking. You want to be a pit bull owner, take responsibility, be the best parent/owner you can be.

Blue Dragon Alaska has offspring all over the globe and this website has been developed to support a visual data base on all BDA kids of all ages and regardless of their owners decision to breed them or not. The websites data base’s are designed with the purpose to connect, support, confirmed BDA to BDA breeding to market and guarantee the sales of the BDA pup’s. This website is its’ own world for BDA members to be apart of a mutual support and networking system with the BDA only Face Book networking, APBT education and recourses, BDA public events and BDA sponsored member’s into nationwide UKC competitions. (wow, a lot of BDA’s)

This website invites non BDA owner/members to use our recourses and to participate in our questions and ratings about our dogs and other APBT’s. Visitors are encouraged to visit regularly to read what BDA members are talking about on the exclusive Face Book Board, to keep in touch with news/events and view new photos or video. We need visitor’s impute and opinions on all types of questionnaires. Visitors can benefit from our sponsors/advertisers and participate in our auctions or drawings. Not to mention to see any new puppies! We all love puppies….

The point is this is the best place to find confirmed Blue Dragon Alaska dogs. And everyone is invited to be apart of the big picture….. education and mutual support to protect and be responsible for the pets you care for.

Come back often! Make us your browser home page!